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FLIERS Leadership Retreat

As a leader, you have likely spent years dealing with difficult situations, making tough decisions on behalf of your business or organization.  As a fly-fishing angler, you’ve most certainly encountered challenging conditions and evolving circumstances, often necessitating thoughtful changes in tactics. Moreover, as a naturally inquisitive and inherently contemplative individual, it is highly likely that you have come to the realization (on more than a few occasions…) that there are strong parallels running between these two worlds.

If it sounds like we know you… it’s because we do.  Those who are motivated to constantly improve their analytical and leadership skillsets make up a relatively small portion of the population.  Those amongst that rarified group who are also fascinated by the examination of their placement within the natural world – particularly amidst the flowing waters of nature’s most incredible trout and salmon streams – make for a rather unique subset of individuals.

It is precisely for this chosen group that we have crafted our Flyfisher’s Leadership Institute Executive Retreat Series (FLIERS). Recruiting select groups of only eight to ten individuals from across the spectrum of business, industry, and organizational leadership, your attendance at a FLIERS session allows for the following:

  • In the stunningly beautiful and wondrously isolated environment of Kulik Lodge in the Katmai/Bristol Bay region, you will experience the finest guided fishing, gourmet dining, and lodge-based ambiance to be found anywhere under Alaska’s midnight sun;


  • Guided by our facilitative authors and speakers, at least two of whom will be at every FLIERS retreat, you will be exposed to thought-provoking, developmental leadership material and exercises, with the opportunity to engage in collaborative, supportive, and progressive discussions with your program-presenters and peers;


  • Through our purposeful curriculum, specifically designed to incorporate the day’s streamside experiences as reinforcement & illustration of discussed concepts, we have created a progressive leadership development program that is fully and legitimately business-expensable.

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